Contribution of Météo-France Toulouse to the SAFNWC 

The Eumetsat "SAF to support to Nowcasting and Very Short Range Forecasting" (SAFNWC) has been hosted since 1997 by the Spanish Meteorological Institute, Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (AEMet). The objective of this SAF is to develop an operational software package to produce several products (aiming to support nowcasting applications) using data from the future Eumetat MSG and EPS meteorological satellites. Four weather services are involved in this SAF: AEMet (Spanish weather service), SMHI (Swedish weather service), ZAMG (Austrian weather service) and Météo-France.

For more detailed information on the project and the products refer to the NWC SAF Web site .

The Nowcasting department of Meteo-France in Toulouse (DirOP/PI), is responsible for the development and scientific maintenance of software module that allow to produce

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